onsdag 30 juli 2008

Sahara tour, some pics

Some pictures from the Sahara tour!

1: Camel tour in the Sahara dunes outside of Douz. It was HOT! (60 degrees celcius). The water in my water bottle would have been pleasant for a bath in the middle of the winter. The camel is a bumpy ride, but a very nice animal and its body also provided some shade when we stopped.

2: The camels! When we stopped they lay down and started rolling around in the sand. I guess to cool off... the camel keepers sat down in the shade of the animals, which was sensible since the sun was literally scorching.

3: In another part of the desert, we went on a jeep safari with a crazy driver up and down mountainsides and through the dunes to the set of the first Star Wars movie, the Mos Eisley spaceport set. A lot of the structures from the movie was still there and I took this totally cool picture. Look how big the sun is!

4: Sunrise (6 am) over the vast Chott el Jerid salt lake. It's an endless wasteland, totally flat, no sign of any horizon, and the whole dried up basin is so poisonous with salt that nothing can survive there. The air tasted of salt, and afterwards I felt like I had just swam in the ocean... you know, salt everywhere. But the sunrise was really really cool, the sun didn't really give off any light, it just hung there like a lantern over the desert. For those of you who play World of Warcraft... it's like the Shimmering Flats with no monsters to kill (only souvenir sellers).

5: A picture of me in Sahara. The clothing was provided for the tour, and it was actually useful. The flowy garment prevented the sun from attacking the skin, and the head turban thing kept the sand out of the hair and spared my face a bit.

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