söndag 29 juli 2007

America's Next Top Model Season 8

Yeah, I watch ANTM. It happends. OK, so I watched all the seasons. And the best season is still the first 4, when Janice was giving her harsh advice (she lit up the show). The best season ever was definately season 4. It has some really luminous and inspiring girls, like Naïma with her mohawk and Kahlen with her great smile. The final fashion show was the only one in the whole ANTM-series that really impressed me, Naïma looked like some otherworldly creature walking on water with that huge mohawk in that great swimsuit. She was larger than life.

But, on to the latest season. Number 8. I just watched the finale. The portion below contains spoilers.

I never really thought much of this season. The photo-shoots didn't have much to do with fashion (remember the good old days that actually had commercial photo-shoots and couture-shoots and shoe-ads and bathing suits and underwater high fashion) - what did we get this season? Just wierd scenes that didn't show off any clothing or products. Reinactments, characters, gender-bending... like... wtf? Where is the fashion?

And the winner is... the skeleton girl! Seriously, am I the only one who is creeped out looking at her? Ye, she has a fierce face and all and can move pretty well but when she is undressed and her skin is showing all I can see is one of those ads warning people about anorexia. "You DON'T want to be like this" - that is what her sick skeleton body says to me. That's the only thing it says, because when she takes that shirt off, you can't tear your eyes away to look at anything except how sickly thin she is.

Jaslene might have a nice diva personality, but her body makes me want to puke. She is UGLY.

Natasha or Brit should have won. Brit might be a bit annoying, but she was very cute, she had a healthy body and she was very versatile. And she got kicked off for a single mistake that could have been corrected if she had gotten some pointers! While Renee was saved until the last possible moment and then she got kicked for being too old - something that she can't correct and that the judges should have kicked her for at the start if it was going to be an issue! Why waste Renee's time? She can't turn back the clock and make herself younger, but Brit could have worked on her runway walk. Tyra should check her head and stop casting models that are too old if she is going to make age an issue.

Of the final two, Natasha should have won. She was funny, endearing, spirited and when she dropped that skirt and kept going like a pro she passed the ultimate challenge. She is the one I'll remember best from this season. Her attitude and happiness inspired me - whenever anyone said something negative to her she turned it into something good and learned from it. Literally Jaslene was a cool girl, but her disgusting body just made me want to puke. Tyra should have known better than to make a 70-pound skeleton the winner of ANTM. The winner will be a role-model for millions of girls. Do we need another role-model with an eating disorder? No thank you.

The winner that should have been - Brit!

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